Ayckbourn Chronology: 1960

Notable Events

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Alan Ayckbourn with Stephen Joseph
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During 1960, Alan Ayckbourn…

did his National Service at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire, in January; but was signed out after just two days.

returned to the Library Theatre, Scarborough, to join the winter (January - March) tour; became a permanent member of the company between 1960 and autumn 1962.

rewrote and starred in Love After All, which had been premiered the previous December. Revived for the summer, the new director - Julian Herington - asked for substantial alterations to the play's setting and characters.

wrote first family play, Dad's Tale - a notorious box office flop which is never produced again. It was directed by Clifford Williams with Alan in seven roles.

wrote Double Hitch for Scarborough Theatre Guild.

World Premieres

Dad's Tale
19 December: The Library Theatre, Scarborough
Double Hitch
Date unknown: The Library Theatre, Scarborough

Notable Ayckbourn Productions

The Square Cat (Tour)
9 February: Studio Theatre tour
Love After All (Revival)
30 June: The Library Theatre, Scarborough

Professional Acting

Then... (Mr Phythick)
Studio Theatre tour
Viennese Interlude (Franz) *
'Prentice Pillar (Prentice) *
Wuthering Heights (Heathcliff) *
Love After All (Peter Jones) *
The Ark (Japheth) *
Soldier From The Wars Returning (The Barman) *
Five Finger Exercise (Walter Langer) *
Dad's Tale (Various roles) *
* The Library Theatre, Scarborough
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