Ayckbourn Chronology: 1960

Notable Events

Ayckbourn In Other Media

Notable Productions

> National Service at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire, in January; signed out after just two days!

> After National Service, returns to the Library Theatre, Scarborough, to join the winter (January - March) tour.

> Writes his first family play,
Dad's Tale.

World premieres
Dad's Tale; Double Hitch

Professional acting
Then...; Viennese Interlude; 'Prentice Pillar; Wuthering Heights; Love After All; The Ark; Soldier From The Wars Returning; Five Finger Exercise; Dad's Tale
World Premiere: Dad's Tale
Director: Clifford Williams
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough

World Premiere: Double Hitch
Director: Margaret Boden
Description: Grey Play (unpublished / not
available to produce)
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough

Revival: Love After All
Director: Julian Hetherington
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough

Tour: The Square Cat
Director: Stephen Joseph
Producer: Library Theatre, Scarborough

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