In His Own Words: Writing

This page contains fun quotes (listed by year) by Alan Ayckbourn. They are drawn from a variety of sources and it should always be borne in mind these quotes may not necessarily reflect Alan Ayckbourn's current thoughts on a subject.

Favourite Recipe

My most favourite recipe is as follows:
For one person: Open a small-sized tin of baked beans and heat in a thick saucepan over a moderate heat, stirring occasionally.
MEANWHILE: Lightly toast one or more slices of bread and arrange attractively on a warmed plate having first gently buttered the slices and, if necessary, scraped into sink.
Then chisel the beans off the bottom of the saucepan where they have stuck whilst you were scraping the toast, pour the beans or their remains over the toast and leave to cool in a draughty spot whilst you remember to boil the kettle to make a cup of instant coffee to drink with the meal.
This recipe can be modified and made slightly worse by grating old cheese over the bean-mush and singeing under an unsuitably high grill which will also crack the pre-heated plate.


"I've always wanted to play around. I wanted to write one play backwards which started with a cup broad full of vicars with no trousers on, and then wound down to two people having breakfast. And call it whatever farce is backwards - Ecraf." (1973)

"There are marriages where people have never had a cross word at 70, but that's not very interesting in a play. What we want to see in a play is someone having a worse time than us." (1984)

"I don't think I'm a pessimist but as you write more and more about people and less and less about situations it is inevitable you are going to rub up the dark side. People do have dark sides, they do tend to hurt each other." (1984)

"You must forget such [career] disappointments quickly - but dine out on the story afterwards. all the best theatre stories are about disasters." (1984)

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