Stephen Joseph: Articles by Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph was a prolific writer and wrote extensively about theatre. This page offers publication details of known and published articles. Unfortunately, a comprehensive list of all his articles does not exist.
The Arena Theatre
Publication details unknown (c. March 1955)

What Is Theatre In The Round?
Studio Theatre Ltd publicity brochure (1955)

Theatre In The Round
Plays & Players (August 1955)

Theatre In The Round
Theatre Industry (April 1957)

No New Playwrights?
Encore (June 1957)

Chances Offered By Theatre In The Round
The Stage (8 August 1957)

A New Hope For Dying Theatre?
Publication details unknown (c.mid-1957)

Drama Today - What Tomorrow?
The Cygnet (12 December 1958)

Theatre Go Round!
Theatre World (March 1959)
Return Of Theatre In The Round
Gazette & Herald (7 May 1959)

Down With The Old Up With The New!
The Stage (1 October 1959)

The New-Old Theatre
Scarborough Evening News (2 February 1960)

Up Go The New Theatres
The Guardian (4 February 1960)

Towards A Self-Perpetuating Theatre
The Guardian (11 February 1960)

Small Theatres Are The Answer Now
Yorkshire Evening Press (11 January 1961)

Newcastle-under-Lyme Civic Theatre
Adaptable Theatres (February 1962)

Theatre In The Round In Newcastle-under-Lyme
Plays & Players (March 1962)

Theatre In The Round
The Stage (17 May 1962)
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