Alan Ayckbourn: Biography

The Biography section of the website offers a comprehensive guide to Alan Ayckbourn's life and career in theatre. Within this section can be found pages dedicated to his life, his various theatre careers as well as facts and frequently asked questions.

Long Biography offers a condensed look at Alan Ayckbourn's life and career in the theatre.

Short Biography is the official biography used in programmes and other publications

Who's Who reproduces the relevant entry for Alan Ayckbourn in Who's Who.

In His Own Words offers a look at the playwright's life through some of his own words.

Chronology is a brief guide to major events in Alan Ayckbourn's life. It includes links to:

Year By Year: A detailed look at Alan Ayckbourn's life with a page for each year.

Awards lists the awards, honours and major nominations Alan Ayckbourn has received since 1973.

20 Facts offers an at-a-glance guide to pertinent facts and figures relating to Alan Ayckbourn.

Ayckbourn FAQs: The website receives many questions about Alan Ayckbourn and his career and the frequently asked questions section deals with many of the most common. Covering diverse topics such as his writing, directing, acting and popularity as well as his work at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, in the West End and at the National Theatre, it's the first stop for any questions you may have relating to Alan Ayckbourn.

Influences: A look at some of the key people who have influenced Alan Ayckbourn.

Careers looks at Alan Ayckbourn's non-writing careers and is divided into the sections:

Acting: Alan Ayckbourn's acting career during the 1950s and 1960s.

Directing: Alan Ayckbourn's directing career from 1961 to the present day.

Artistic Director: His role as Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre from 1972 to 2009.

BBC: Alan Ayckbourn's five years as a Radio Drama Producer for the BBC during the 1960s.

National Theatre: His two years as a company director at the National Theatre during the 1980s.

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