Researching Alan Ayckbourn: The British Library

The British Library in London holds a significant amount of archival material relating to Alan Ayckbourn, including many of his rarest manuscripts.
This is by no means a comprehensive guide to archive material relating to Alan Ayckbourn at the British Library, but offers a broad view of some of the more significant material available.

The Lord Chamberlain's collection holds the original manuscripts for all of Alan Ayckbourn's withdrawn plays between 1959 and 1968 including the only extant copy of his second play Love After All as well as The Square Cat, Dad's Tale, Standing Room Only and Christmas V Mastermind.
A complete collection of manuscripts for all of Alan Ayckbourn's full length plays.
A comprehensive collection of the majority of published play-texts by Alan Ayckbourn as well as texts about the author.
The Ramsay Archive: The complete archive for Alan Ayckbourn's agent - and one of the 20th century's most important literary / theatrical agents - Margaret 'Peggy' Ramsay.
The Pinter Archive: The playwright Harold Pinter's extensive archive.

This list is not comprehensive and further enquiries should be directed to the British Library and the catalogues and search engines at the British Library website.