Ayckbourn Chronology: 1939 - 1956

Notable Events

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Alan Ayckbourn with his mother 'Lolly'.
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Between 1939 and 1955, Alan Ayckbourn…

1939: was born on 12 April in Hampstead to Irene Maud Worley, a writer, and Horace Ayckbourn, a violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra; decades later he would discover he was an illegitimate child. His mother was better known under her writing pseudonym Mary James and also affectionately called Lolly.

1946: began attending Wisborough Lodge school, Billinghurst, West Sussex.

1946 - 1951: Mother remarried; variously lived at Billinghurst, Wisborough Green, Horsham, Uckfield, Hayward's Heath and Lewes.

1948: had his first work published when his poem The Old House was printed in the first issue of The Lodgean; the magazine of Wisborough Lodge school.

Circa 1950: wrote his first first play - an adaptation of the Jennings novels - whilst attending Wisborough Lodge school; intending to play the role of Darbyshire he was ill and neither acted in nor saw the play.

1951: received a Barclays Bank scholarship to attend Haileybury and Imperial Service College near Hertford; now known simply as Haileybury.

1954: had his first professionally published work with the poem Dawn printed in the December issue of Collins' Young Elizabethan magazine.

1955: toured the Netherlands in a Haileybury production of Romeo And Juliet, in which he played Peter.
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