Ayckbourn Chronology: 1961

Notable Events

During 1961, Alan Ayckbourn…

made his directorial debut with Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton at the Library Theatre, Scarborough.

wrote his fourth play Standing Room Only; the final play to be written under the pseudonym of Roland Allen (from 1964, this will also be regarded as the first play to be written as Alan Ayckbourn). The world premiere is directed by Stephen Joseph.

saw Standing Room Only become his first play to be optioned for the West End, although it is never produced despite a substantial number of rewrites to accommodate potential stars.

was taken on by the noted literary agent Margaret 'Peggy' Ramsay.

and Christine Roland had their second son, Philip.

wrote Love Undertaken for the amateur Scarborough Theatre Guild and also appeared in the world premiere production.

World Premieres

Standing Room Only
13 July: The Library Theatre, Scarborough
Love Undertaken ('Grey' play)
October: St Mary's Parish House, Scarborough

Professional Directing

Gaslight *
Two For The Seesaw *
David Copperfield *
The Boys And The Girls *

Professional Acting

Soldier From The Wars Returning (Barman)
Studio Theatre tour
Victoria Regina (Various roles) *
Five Finger Exercise (Walter Langer) *
Little Brother, Little Sister (Cook) *
The Bed Life Of A Mad Boy (Various roles) *
Standing Room Only (John) *
Stranger In The Family (Toby Hart) *
The Boys And The Girls (Various roles) *

* The Library Theatre, Scarborough
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