Ayckbourn Chronology: 1962

Notable Events

Stephen Joseph founds the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent. This is the UK's first professional theatre-in-the-round venue.

Alan Ayckbourn leaves the Library Theatre, Scarborough, to join the Victoria Theatre. He will act, direct and write for the new venue during the next two years.

Is credited as the co-director of the world premiere of his play Christmas V Mastermind with Peter Cheeseman; the apparently marks the first time he has been involved in the direction of one of his own plays although the playwright disputes whether he actually did contribute to directing the play.

Christmas V Mastermind marks the final time Alan Ayckbourn acts in one of his own plays.

Commissioned to write the short one act play, Countdown, for a multi-author collection If Love Decay…; this will eventually be retitled Mixed Doubles.

World premieres

Christmas V Mastermind; Countdown; Follow The Lover

Plays directed (non-Ayckbourn)

A Thief In Time; The Caretaker

Professional acting

A Doll's House; Death At The New Year; Hamlet; O'Flaherty VC; Usher; The Birds And The Well-Wishers; The Rainmaker; Christmas V Mastermind; The Caretaker

Notable Productions

World Premiere: Christmas V Mastermind
Directors: Peter Cheeseman & Alan Ayckbourn
Venue: Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

World Premiere: Countdown
Director: Vivian Matalon
Description: One act play
Venue: Colchester Repertory Club
Note: Presented as part of the production
If Love Decay...

World Premiere: Follow The Lover
Director: Margaret Boden
Description: Grey Play (unpublished / not available for production)
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough

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