Ayckbourn Chronology: 1962

Notable Events

Ayckbourn In Other Media

Notable Productions

> Stephen Joseph founds the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent. This is the UK's first professional theatre-in-the-round venue.

> Alan Ayckbourn leaves the Library Theatre, Scarborough, to join the Victoria Theatre. He will act, direct and write for the new venue during the next two years.

> Co-directs the world premiere of his play
Christmas V Mastermind with Peter Cheeseman; the first time he has been involved in the direction of one of his own plays.

World premieres
Christmas V Mastermind; Countdown; Follow The Lover

Plays directed (non-Ayckbourn)
A Thief In Time; The Caretaker

Professional acting

A Doll's House; Death At The New Year; Hamlet; O'Flaherty VC; Usher; The Birds And The Well-Wishers; The Rainmaker; Christmas V Mastermind; The Caretaker
World Premiere: Christmas V Mastermind
Directors: Peter Cheeseman & Alan Ayckbourn
Venue: Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

World Premiere: Countdown
Director: Vivian Matalon
Description: One act play
Venue: Colchester Repertory Club
Note: Presented as part of the production
If Love Decay...

World Premiere: Follow The Lover
Director: Margaret Boden
Description: Grey Play (unpublished / not
available for production)
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough

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