In His Own Words: Stroke (2006)

This page contains quotes (listed by year) by Alan Ayckbourn with regard to his stroke in 2006. They are drawn from a variety of sources and it should always be borne in mind these quotes may not necessarily reflect Alan Ayckbourn's current thoughts on a subject.
"It's the nearest thing to being dead only much better as it gives you the chance to take stock and say, 'no, let's slow down, you don't have to do everything, there's plenty of room for other people.'" (2006)

"In hospital, I thought as long as one arm worked, I could probably write. I'd probably need an arm and a leg to direct." (2008)

"I woke up and for the first time in my life I didn’t have a single idea in my head and that was very frightening and very lonely. I was lying there in hospital thinking ‘help’ and then I said to myself ‘well, I’ve got a good back catalogue I can live off that as a director’. But the new ideas had gone and there was usually always at least one bubbling below the surface. Six months later, I had a little idea and I thought, ‘thank God, I’m still active’. (2013)
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