Stephen Joseph: Publications & Further Reading

This page contains details of significant publications written by and about Stephen Joseph. His own books are significant in demonstrating his thoughts on theatre and appreciating Stephen's ambitions and impact on British theatre.
A list of known articles written by Stephen Joseph can also be found

Publications by Stephen Joseph

This a comprehensive list of books and publications written by or edited by Stephen Joseph. All are out of print, but most are readily available from second-hand book dealers.
Actor And Architect (editor)
Hardcover (December 1964)
Publisher: Manchester UP (ISBN: 0719000114)

Adaptable Theatres
Paperback (1962)
Publisher: Assn. of Brit. Theatre Tech. (ISBN: 0900098007)

New Theatre Forms
Hardcover (1968)
Publisher: Pitman (ISBN: 0273437860)

Planning For New Forms Of Theatre
Pamphlet 1962)
Publisher: Strand Electric (ISBN: B0000CLKCH)

Planning For New Forms Of Theatre
Pamphlet (1966)
Publisher: Strand Electric (ISBN: B0000CN1PC)

Scene Painting And Design
Hardcover (1964)
Publisher: Pitman (ISBN: B0000CM5A9)
The Story Of The Playhouse In England
Hardcover (1963)
Publisher: Barrie & Rockliff (ISBN: B0000CLXSM)

The Story Of The Playhouse In England
Hardcover (1963)
Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins (ISBN: 021415761X)

Theatre In The Round
Pamphlet (1955)
Publisher: Studio Theatre (ISBN: B0000CJ8F5)

Theatre In The Round
Hardcover (1967)
Publisher: Barrie & Rockliff (ISBN: B0000CNISD)

Theatre In The Round
Hardcover (June 1967)
Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins (ISBN: 0214666662)

Where available, these books are available to buy through the Store at Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website.

Publications about Stephen Joseph

There have been relatively few publications relating to Stephen Joseph with the most significant being Dr Paul Elsam's biography and appraisal Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer & Provocateur, published by Bloomsbury. The majority of the other publications touch on Stephen Joseph in some form and his contribution to British theatre.
Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer & Provocateur
Author: Dr Paul Elsam
Publisher: Bloomsbury (2014)
ISBN: 9781472586711

The Origins of the Potteries' Victoria Theatre
Author: Leslie Powner
Publisher: The Arnold Bennett Society (2018)
ISBN: 9780957035072

Alan Ayckbourn: Grinning at the Edge
Author: Paul Allen
Publisher: Methuen (2001)
ISBN: 0413731200)

50 Years New
Author: Simon Murgatroyd
Publisher: Stephen Joseph Theatre
ISBN: N/A (available by contacting
Simon Murgatroyd)
Conversations With Ayckbourn
Author: Ian Watson
Publisher: Faber and Faber (1988)
ISBN: 0571151922)

The Repertory Movement: A History Of Regional Theatre in Britain
Author: George Rowell & Anthony Jackson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (1984)
ISBN: 9780521319195

The Full Round: The Several Lives & Theatrical Legacy of Stephen Joseph
Author: Terry Lane
Publisher: Duca della Corgna (2006)
ISBN: 9788890172182
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