Researching Alan Ayckbourn: Scarborough Library

Scarborough Library holds The Stephen Joseph Theatre Collection, a significant archive pertaining predominantly to the early years of the Library Theatre (where Alan Ayckbourn began his professional playwriting and directing career as well as becoming its Artistic Director in 1972).
It is particularly significant given the correspondence it holds between Stephen Joseph and Scarborough Library relating to the foundation and running of the venue during its first decade.

The collection includes but is not limited to:

Original correspondence between Stephen Joseph and the directors of Scarborough Library.
Original theatre programmes from the first performance at the Library Theatre through to performances at the theatre's second home, the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round.
Collected newspaper articles published in the Scarborough Evening News from the first performance at the venue in 1955 to June 2011.
Collection of the annual In-The-Round Festival programmes, which began at the Library Theatre in 1960 and continued until the 1990s.
Collected newspaper articles published in the Scarborough Evening News featuring Sir Alan Ayckbourn.
Original mint-condition theatre programmes featuring the premieres of some of Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s plays including The Square Cat and The Norman Conquests.
Photographs of the Library Theatre.

The collection is accessible during the times the library is open. There is no need to book an appointment to view these materials, however advanced notification would ensure ready access.

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